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  • What Can I Do About My Uneven Gums?
    A dentist can treat more than just teeth, but the gums that hold them in place too. Uneven or excessive gums are caused by genetics, poor oral hygiene and uneven tooth wear. Read more
  • What is Dental Bonding?
    Find out more about this simple and easy way to improve the shape of a tooth or teeth. Not all cosmetic and restorative dentistry has to be extensive or require multiple Read more
  • Use Veneers to Get the Perfect Smile
    Ready to be proud of your smile? Now you can when you get dental veneers in Williston. Have you wanted to try whitening but realized that your internal stains and discolorations Read more
  • What Does a Periodontist Do?
    Have you ever heard the term "periodontist"? A periodontist is a specially trained dentist who treats gum disease in its various forms. While millions of adult Americans have some form Read more
  • Welcome to Our Blog
    Welcome to the Blog of Williston Dental Team Whether you are an existing patient or searching for a dentist in the Williston, VT area, we’re excited you are here. With the dental Read more