How Dental Bonding Can Help Repair Your Smile

How Dental Bonding Can Help Repair Your Smile

There's no need to live with a damaged smile when dental bonding, a common cosmetic dentistry treatment, can improve your dental bondingappearance. With the help of our Williston, VT, dentists, Dr. Gabriel Mannarino and Dr. Holly Halliday, bonding can restore your smile.

What is dental bonding?

During dental bonding, flexible composite resin is added to your teeth to repair or reshape them. One of the most impressive features of composite resin is its ability to bond to tooth enamel. Although it's soft and flexible when it's applied in our Williston office, exposing it to a curing light hardens it and ensures that it's as strong and durable as your tooth enamel. Composite resin is tinted to match the most common tooth shades, making it an excellent choice for many types of dental repairs.

How is bonding used?

Bonding is used to treat a variety of issues that affect the appearance of teeth, including:

  • Cracks and Chips: Although chips and surface cracks may not affect the health of your teeth, they can make you feel self-conscious when you smile. Filling in a chip with composite resin or using it to cover a crack offers an excellent way to repair damage and boost your self-esteem.
  • Breaks: Bonding can be used to restore broken parts of teeth. If you happen to have the broken section of your tooth, it may even be possible to reattach it.
  • Worn Teeth: Wear and tear eventually takes a toll on teeth, eroding the enamel and changing the length. If your teeth have become shorter due to wear and tear or grinding and clenching, bonding will help restore your normal tooth length.
  • Changes in Color: A blow to your tooth or an antibiotic taken during childhood can permanently change the color of a tooth. Adding a little composite resin is a simple way to conceal discolorations.
  • Imperfections: In addition to repairing damage to teeth, bonding can also be used to hide flaws in teeth or change the shape. Adding a little composite resin can make your twisted tooth look straight or can smooth out uneven surfaces.

Could your smile benefit from dental bonding? If you're interested in this cosmetic dentistry treatment, call our Williston, VT, dentists, Dr. Mannarino and Dr. Halliday, at (802) 878-0600 to schedule an appointment.